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A friend is coming into town for a memorial tomorrow night at the University Club at 1135 16th street. I'm trying to think of good restaurants within walking distance and it occurred to me - is there a map, or other resource (preferably online) which shows restaurants by block or 'hood?

This is such a basic question I feel dumb asking it, for all I know the Post food section does a decent job of that - but I thought I'd ask anyway. thanks.

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Google Maps has a useful, but not infallible tool to locate restaurants: Go to Google Maps and type in a location...say...1700 Pennsylvania Ave., n.w., washington dc. Once the map appears, click on "find businesses" in the top toolbar, (or click on "search nearby" in the balloon box over the actual location) and type in "restaurants" in the box that opens, then click "search businesses" button. The restaurant locations will pop up along with links and reviews. Great for locating the nearest Quiznos, but usually pretty good at locating other established places too. Even BLT Steak is already there. Works for other kinds of businesses as well such as massage parlors.

[eta: link to 1135 16th St., NW ]

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