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Peter Gabriel left Genesis mainly because he got tired of clashing so much with Tony Banks. He went on to do some pretty good things.

"Humdrum" (1977)

"Games Without Frontiers"  (1980)

"Wallflower" (1982)

"San Jacino" (1982)

This just scratches the surface....Still, I think the tension of Genesis made for something unusual. But I do love what Pete's done on his own.

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Thank you for posting this - I didn't realize Peter Gabriel was such a humanitarian, having done so many things, and having won so many different awards - not for his musicianship, but for his humanitarian efforts. The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates gave him the Man of Peace award in 2006 which is issued to only one person annually. He made The 2008 Time 100 for being one of the hundred most-influential people in the world.

For those of us not familiar with the county of Surrey, you can see it's just to the southwest of London (it's the large area, very faintly shaded in pink, on this map):


Some of the many famous people from Surrey include Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Laurence Olivier, and Alan Turing.

Gabriel was born in the village of Chobham, which, if Surrey was a clock, would be at about 10:30. 
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Yeah he has done a lot of stuff.  He almost went bankrupt back in 1982 when the World Music Festival (WOMAD I think) faltered. His old Genesis bandmates helped him out with a single charity concert that got him and the festival back in the black. And that was just the beginning of his work, humanitarian or otherwise.

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