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Well, I was going to include pictures, but between Google Chrome being a jerk and my photos being too large, I'll have to wait until another time when I can doctor things up.  Until then, my pets have their own Instagram account, so you can always check that out: https://instagram.com/jackandboo/

I've always loved animals, but I never had any growing up.  My mom didn't like the mess, and my sister and I were always so busy that she didn't think we'd have time to care for a pet (she was probably right).  So, I worked at some animal shelters to get my fix...but it just wasn't enough.

Towards the end of my law school days, the secretary at my office was devastated that she was going to have to send her cat to the pound.  Her son had given Boo to her after her divorce, but unfortunately she discovered that her grandson was VERY allergic.  I hadn't planned it, and I didn't really even think about it - I just told her that I would give Boo a good home and that she could come visit anytime.  When I went to pick him up, he cried the entire way back to my house and then disappeared under my bed for 3 days.  I was terrified that he hated me...but, hunger won out and he emerged to eat and check out his new surroundings.  After that, it was like he'd never had another mama besides me.  He is 15 years old and in great shape (he lives a charmed life), and he is a total loverboy.  ADORES people (well, adult people - he doesn't love the noise that kids make).  He has moved with me at least 8 or 9 times, even getting to ride in first class on his most recent flight from ATL to DC.

His brother, Jack, was another unplanned addition to our family.  Jason and I were out walking in ATL when we passed a PetSmart where they were doing adoptions outside.  I just wanted to look at all the cuties, but when I locked eyes with this beautiful brindle baby, I turned to my husband and said, "That is my dog."  He was 6 months old at the time and had been pulled from the county shelter by a rescue organization mere hours before he was going to be euthanized simply for being a pit bull (there is a huge overpopulation issue in ATL).  The foster family let us take him home for the weekend, just to make sure we were a good fit, but I knew right away that I wasn't giving Jack back.  He is incredibly smart and incredibly headstrong, so we've definitely had our share of challenges...but he SO wants to just love and please and protect his people (and it doesn't take long to become one of his people).  He loves to swim and chase (and destroy) tennis balls, and he is so darn expressive and funny that he finds new ways to make me laugh every day.  He's 7 years old now and still thinks he's a puppy - though the 2 knee surgeries he has had this past year remind all of us that he is not.

Can you tell that I love my little furbabies?   :wub:

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