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Each Peach Market, Mount Pleasant


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I'm surprised there is no thread for Each Peach.  I was ecstatic when this opened in my neighborhood.  It's a truly great local market with a nice selection of cheeses, charcuterie, dairy, wine, beer, staples, and prepared foods.  They have Trickling Springs dairy, which I buy weekly, great bread from Panorama, good pastries, excellent prepared salads (I like their hummus, and am addicted to their farro salad), pie crusts and biscuits frozen from Room 11, house-made pastas, organic meats, etc.  Their finocciona and chorizo are delicious.

But, the best thing there is their Dude sandwich.  Now, all of their sandwiches are good, but the Dude could be one of the best sandwiches in the city.  For $8 you get a huge sandwich filled with Genoa Salami, Ham, Hot Capacolla, Mozzarella, Tomato, Banana Peppers, Arugula and Balsamic Vinaigrette on a baguette that is then put in a sandwich press.  I probably eat one of these every week, and it is enough for two meals.  If you like sandwiches, you should try this one out.  I sometimes call about 10 minutes before to order it, because some times they are slammed.


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While I disagree with Rieux regarding the quality of the bread and haven't always been blown away by the sandwiches (largely because of the bread), I heartily second his general enthusiasm.  Having seen more than a few "gourmet" markets come and go, I think what sets Eat Peach apart is the ability to assemble a full, high-quality meal using only ingredients from the store.  The produce is varied and fresh (I've seen a lot of wrinkly beets and wilted lettuce over the years) -- the meat blessedly unfrozen, you can get cheese and charcuterie and the necessarily limited selection of beer and wine is well-selected (I almost said "well-curated" but then I would have had to punch myself in the head) -- the wine selection being the best in the neighborhood.

Just last night I ducked in for whole chicken, lemon, fresh rosemary and potatoes, along with a $10 bottle of quite drinkable Cotes du Rhone. When the place opened I gave it about six months before they adopted the Potemkin shelving strategy of displaying Annie's Macaroni and Cheese boxes and the canned beans one deep and a whole rack wide to hide the fact that they couldn't afford to restock.  Fortunately, that has not been the case.

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