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Richard Buckner Living Room Concert 6/8


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We are working with a record label/management company to put on a small (50 people) concert in our living room with indie folk/rock/Americana artist Richard Buckner.  We've done a couple shows like this already, and they are a really great experience.  It'll basically be Richard with his guitar, sitting on a chair in our living room, with all of us gathered around on the couch/chairs/floor.

The show will be on Monday June 8 at 8pm.

Tickets are $20 and can be bought here: Click

Note: We get nothing from this other than the awesome experience (for us and our music-loving toddler) of having artists we love play in our house.  All profits from sales go to the artist and the label.

For those who come, feel free to bring your own adult beverages.  I normally open a couple bottles of wine, and would be happy to get into something worth drinking if we have some DR folks around.

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