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The Tragically Hip (1983-), Canadian Rock Band from Kingston, Ontario - Nine Number-One Albums in Canada

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I accidentally got exposed to The Tragically Hip back in....the very early 1990s? I saw them play at a show at Hammerjack's as a part of, I think, an WHFS thing. 'New Orleans is Sinking' was the song that drew me in. I heard a few more songs over the years, but I never bought any of their albums or saw them play again, live. Then, a few years ago, my wife gets me a compilation of their work (Yer Favourites) and I love it! They are kind of rocking, kind of Canadia, kind of thoughtful, kind of twangy, kind of just good.


"Bobcageyon" (1999)

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On 11/5/2017 at 10:18 PM, lovehockey said:

I recall when New Orleans is Sinking was yanked off the airwaves after Katrina.  And Pool Boy...I know you're a legit fan because you referred to them as the Hip. 

One of the things that warms my heart, is my oldest brother, who passed away 9 years ago almost, would have loved to have listened to my obsession with the Hip. I'd liked them as a younger man, but I came to love them as a gent with a few more years on him. My brother was the root, the core of my exploration of all things music.

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