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Largents, Chef Michael Harr To Head a Redo of this 8,000-Square-Food Kentlands Behemoth into Kentland's Kitchen - Closed

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Yeah, they're done. From what I read, a payment was coming due and they just decided to hang it up vs trying plan B (or E or L as the case may be.)

There's a simple problem here - lack of density. That whole section, from Buca to Wholefoods, should be 4-5 story buildings by the master plan, but the owners (Beatty I think) aren't willing to re-develop (yet). So it's really tough for anything to mak it there. Brasserie Beck is struggling, the diner closed, etc. Some others seem to do OK but not gangbusters. Vasilli's might be the exception. Rockville Town Center, Crown and Rio have all seen significant investments while Kentlands sleeps and chews up attempts like this.

I'm not saying that mediocre places should succeed despite themselves, but that location is cursed.

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The rumor is that Vasilis is moving to the diner spot. Anyone else hear this rumor?

Yes, that will happen. They will take a while to build out - maybe until 2016. They will remain open in the old spot until then and have a quick transition. I don't know if Vasilis has their own thread but what a great neighborhood restaurant.

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