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Ivan Ramen (Lower East Side) and Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop (Hell's Kitchen), Ivan Orkin's Tokyo-Originated Ramen Shops

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Lunch here last Saturday...

The wife and I split the Tokyo shoyu and a cold ramen with a lemon/shio broth and poached shrimp.  Top notch bowls of ramen.  The broth on the shoyu was nicely porky, but not overly so.  I think broth-wise, I may prefer Daikaya by a hair, but it would be close.  Ivan really shines when it comes to noodles, though.  The skinny, rye noodles in both bowls really took the noodle game to a whole new level.  Wonderfully chewy in both hot and cold versions.

The cold ramen was super-refreshing.  Compared favorably to the cold citrus tsukemen I had the other day at Toki in DC.  The broth at Ivan was a bit subtler, with less of a heavy citrus presence.  Thinking on it now, I might have loved it even more if it came as tsukemen rather than a bowl of soup.

Strangely enough, the real showstopper was the appetizer of shredded daikon radish topped with XO sauce.  I could have eaten 4 more plates of that.  The daikon was lightly pickled...the acidity of the pickle paired with the funk of the dried seafood in the XO sauce was fantastic, as was the interplay of 2 levels of crunch (daikon vs. dried shrimp/scallop).

There are a ton of great ramen options available to you in NYC, but the rye noodles alone make Ivan worth a stop if you're in town.

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