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Chef's Table Netflix Documentary


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Last Friday night I slipped into bed, exhausted, and decided to catch up on some reading before falling asleep. I opened up a copy of the New Yorker from a few weeks back, and on the inside cover was a gorgeous picture of a sea urchin dish on an advertisement for "Chef's Table", a six episode documentary now available on Netflix. The docu-series is from the team responsible for "Jiro Dreams of Sushi."

So I closed the magazine, opened up Netflix on a tablet, and went to the series. Mossimo Bottura. Dan Barber. Francis Mallman. Niki Nakayama. Ben Shewry. Magnus Nilsson. Wow.

I watched the Magnus Nilsson episode. Then the Mossimo Bottura. I woke up at 4:30am and watched the Ben Shewry. The next night? Dan Barber. Last night? Mallman.

This is a brilliant series and I can't imagine anyone on this board would not find them a worthwhile use of an hours time.

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