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Doughnut Plant, Mark Isreal's Doughnuts in Four NYC Locations - Now Offering $4.99 Delivery

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I had fun ending my trip stumbling upon the Doughnut Plant in Chelsea before heading to Penn Station to board my train. I wish, wish, wish there was a doughnut store like this in the DC area. Doughnut Plant offers both yeast and cake doughnuts--I grew up eating yeast doughnuts, so cakey ones are too much of a foreign concept for me.

They are super good fresh, and I love the fact they have bite-sized ones (see "doughseed" on their site), but despite putting them in a ziploc baggies as soon as I got home yesterday, it was not as good this morning, compared to Country Donuts-days back in Illinois. They are also more expensive than Country Donuts (starting around $2.75, I think, but the doughseeds are less). I tried the following flavors:

Creme Brulee ($3+. I loved the sugar shell crunch. It should be a regular doughnut size for the price charged, but I would buy this again.);
Valrhona Chocolate glazed ($2+. This was the one I tried in the morning. Fail on my part for forgetting glazes fall apart overnight. Doughnut bite not as soft compared to one above.);
Doughseed (PB and banana filled. Too odd for me, but portion size just right for one and a half bites.); and
Churro (Yes, this is not a doughnut, but how can one refuse a churro? They had a good mix of cinnamon:sugar on the churro, but it is different than the Chicago churros of my memories. A bit hard/chewy for my churro-tastes.)

However, if I had to rank bathrooms in eateries across the nation, this would rank pretty high in my book. I even attached a picture as proof.

What are other doughnut faves for locals?


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i went there recently too and fell in love with the blackout doughnut--deep rich chocolate cake with chocolate pudding/mouse inside with choc glaze and crumbles on top. amazing! i thought it was amazing how much the pb and j "seed" tasted like an actual sandwich, but i don't know that i'd buy again (as i don't like pb and J). the pineapple glazed used fresh pineapple. i didnt go to any other doughnut places.

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