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Black Rock Orchard at CityCenterDC Farmers Market

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I've never had a sweet tooth.  Just ask eatruneat.  When she and I go out for dinner I typically ask the server if any of the deserts are tart.  Well, if she doesn't beat me to it.  Thankfully I discovered Dolcezza's Lemon Opal Basil sorbetto, which is fantastic for those of you out there who are looking for something tart.  I'm seriously considering doing some major hoarding since it's only around for a brief amount of time in the summer.  Walking back from scoring my sorbetto from the Dolcezza at City Center it was Tuesday, which means the farmers' market is out with all their goods.  I happened past the stand for Black Rock Orchard and was informed - by who my colleague and I refer to as the "Apple Lady" because she's always handing us samples of their delicious apples -  that they had just picked the first round of sour cherries for the season and that she brought in as much as she could keep the staff from eating.  She knows my taste in apples and she said that I would really like them.  Of course she gave me a sample and was she ever right.  The cherries are thin skinned, small pitted and have a nice sour flavor to them.  Score some at a farmers' market near you while they last.

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