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Gourmet Inspirations, Cantonese and Dim Sum in the Former Good Fortune Space in Wheaton

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The former Good Fortune space on University Boulevard in Wheaton is now split into two restaurants - Cam Ranh Bay on the right, and Gourmet Inspirations on the left. The ownership has changed, but the space has been renovated and on their website (http://www.gichinese.com), the new owner of Gourmet Inspiration says:

My partners and I are very aware of the history and connection that the restaurant had within the community, so an important goal for us is to work hard to maintain the same consistency and quality of food that Good Fortune provided to its customers for the past 30 years. To assist us in our efforts, we have been fortunate to retain the services of the executive chef, chef de cuisine, and dim sum chef, all of whom were a part of the previous kitchen staff and have been working together for over 20 years. We hope this will allow us to continue serving authentic Cantonese Cuisine and Dim Sum to all our customers for many years to come.

It has been a while since I went to Good Fortune - the interior has definitely been spruced up. We arrived shortly after they opened at 10:30 on Sunday, there were only a few tables of folks when we got there but it was filling up rapidly by 11:30. At first only a few carts were circulating, but more carts were added after a little while and new items were added to the carts.

The good:

"¢ everything we got was fresh and hot

"¢ no line or wait to get in at opening

"¢ service was attentive with tea, carts, and a special order of gai lan

The acceptable:

"¢ gai lan, siu mai, har gao, cream buns, shrimp rice noodle rolls, taro puffs

The less than stellar:

"¢ the tofu skin rolls were in a weird gelatinous sauce and the filling was odd in a way that I couldn't quite figure out

We only had three in our party, one of whom was not very hungry, so did not sample a wide range. While this was not the greatest dim sum ever, I have had far worse. I'd eat dim sum here again, although in part that is because it is one of the closest to my house in PG county and I don't like Oriental East on weekends.

Also, they have made arrangements to allow use of part of the Bank of America lot across the street for parking on Sundays and evenings, and at the Pearle Vision lot when Pearle is closed.

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