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Seafood and Gluten-Free - High-End is Fine


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There are so many options that it seems almost fruitless to make a list. Can you narrow things down some more?

Two things that popped into my head, because I was just talking about them today, are Brine and Sally's Middle Name (which lists gluten-free items on their chalkboard).

Here's a Gluten-Free Dining thread for you, and a list of Seafood tags.

Have you thought about FishNet?

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Depends entirely on how gluten free you need it to be.  If all that is needed is no wheat in the dish, don't trust the server, have them ask the chef, and, even then, I'd stick with plain seafood, broiled, or boiled.  And be conscious of the fact that many flavors and additives such as hydrolyzed protein are wheat in disguise.  I'd trust a high end place with an intelligent and reliable chef to tell me the truth.

I had some lovely sauteed soft shell crabs done with rice flour in New Orleans, Restaurant August, which I keep hoping to see other places. Rice flour also works perfectly for dishes like karaage.  Nice and crisp. More restaurants should try it.

Also, use your common sense.  If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably isn't true.  I was assured at Mezzanine, Carytown, Richmond, that the shrimp and grits were made without wheat.  Lie.  I got "glutened."

If the issue is celiac, I'd stick with a place that is totally gluten free, which are few and far between.

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