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Captain Gregory's - 22-Seat Speakeasy inside of Sugar Shack Donuts in Old Town Alexandria

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Captain Gregory's speakeasy inside Sugar Shack is now in soft open - we tried it last week and we will be back. They are open Thursday - Sunday evenings starting at 6pm

You make reservations via text 571-281-0059 and when you arrive you pull on the whiskey flag and the slid open the door to check for reservation.  There is a two hour limit and a $30 / person minimum.

There are about 22 seats and it is very dimly lit (had trouble seeing menu) by candlelight and the music is via LP.  We had a great time, after the first round we moved over to the bar and chatted with the bartender Sam who was friendly and talkative.  he makes most of the bitters and flavored boozes himself.

The food options ($12) when we were there were long johns one with Brie/Fig/Bacon (YUM) and the other was a brushutta type (also good)

The drinks ($10-15) all have a story and are all wonderful we had quite a few and all were unique and very wonderful

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So, we've been to The Cap'n's (as I like to call it) twice. Once at the beginning of August and once at the end. The first visit was spectacular. There were four of us and we all had a great time.Thanks to StarStraf, we were in the know about the ROE. (It's helpful to know the rules up front, as I've heard others complain about time limit or some other quirk)  I enjoyed two cocktails and then, perhaps with moderately impaired judgement, had a third. The frirst two were fantastic: The Approach To New York, a Manhattan-inspired cocktail, and the classic, off-menu Remember the Maine. Both were great. The bartenders Sam and Demetrius were great. Sam recommend RtM since I'm a Manhattan fan. Great choice. I don't think anyone was disappointed with the drinks and we had a great time chatting with the bartenders.

Our second trip was a bit different, but not disappointing. Although we were seated at the bar, a waitress took our orders. Only one bartender was present. Overall the experience wasn't as engaging. We had the charcuterie plate, which I'd rate as "fair" or "ok," nothing special. Also, i revisited Remember the Main, and it wasn't as good as Sam's work.

Overall, I highly recommend a visit. I love the concept and look forward to next time. I would plan to eat either before or after cocktail hour for maximum enjoyment.

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Two more trips to Cap'n's for us

1) we rented the place out for our combined Bachelor/Bachelorette party in March - what a divine experience.  Sam worked with us to make the drink list of titles important to us - our friends had a wonderful time.

2) last week went to Tiki night - they have really upped the quality of the food options!  Rachel is the head bartender for Tiki nights and sitting at the bar we got tiki history with each drink

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Went in to meet a friend for drinks and to discuss some Junior Friend business.  I got two drinks, the first was a gin fizz of some sort, it was delicious maybe the apiary, aviary?  Nicely balanced, I then got more of a dessert drink with banana rum.  Both drinks were very good, not inexpensive, but very good.  I loved the glasses- sharks, cats, etc.  What you would expect from a high end cocktail bar.  I love the ambiance back in there, not what I was expecting!  We didn't have any food.  I would definitely go back.  Reservations are highly suggested, they don't seem to love walk ins, although they had space for us, and a few other spaces at the bar.

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