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Assistant Pizzaiolo (Pizza Maker) at Pizza Brama, a Traditional Neapolitan Pizzeria in a Truck


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Assistant Pizzaiolo (Pizza Maker)

Pizza Brama is a mobile wood-fired pizzeria and kitchen. 


The assistant pizza maker is an all around positions at Pizza Brama. You will learn the traditional Neapolitan method of making dough, stretching, dressing, and baking pizzas in a 900 degree wood-fired oven. 

You are the right hand of the pizza maker (pizzaiolo in Italian). You ensure all prep ingredients are correct prepared, stocked, and the preparation area is clean and sanitary. During service you support the act of creating delicious pizzas. This will include stretching and dressing pies, baking pies, or interacting with the customers to deliver they best experience possible. 

+ Prepare service items to specifications set by your supervisor
+ Maintain a clean and sanitary working environment
+ Assist with the setup and break-down of the service area during market days
+ Bake pizzas for customer
+ Stretch and dress pizza
+ Prepare other service items for customers at time of service 
+ Perform as a cashier on market days
+ Wash dishes, sweep, and mop 
+ Strive to delight our customers with warmth, trust, and good food

+ Valid Drivers License
+ Method or means to arrive at market locations around Montgomery County
+ Able to lift and carry at least 60 pounds
+ Able to operate in over 90 heat and high humidity
+ Able to operate in below 50 degree temperatures
+ Able to operate in light rain and wind

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