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Paisley Fig, Pastry Chef Lizzy Evelyn's Bakery Inside of Room 11, Eventually Opening As A Stand-Alone in Mount Pleasant

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On 7/30/2015 at 10:47 AM, Rieux said:

If true, very exciting.  Any guesses on who it might be?  I heard that Chef Geoff's was looking in the neighborhood some years ago.  


"Lease Signed at Heller's Bakery in Mount Pleasant" on popville.com


Washington Post:  "Nick Pimentel, Co Owner of Room 11, Signs Lease at Heller's Old Property"


Pimentel confirmed that the space will be the future home to Paisley Fig, the bakery adjoined to Room 11 overseen by Lizzy Evelyn, Pimentel's wife. "We are going to keep the tradition of the bakery alive, and there will be some other aspects of it such as a café or a restaurant,"� he says. "We are definitely keeping the bakery tradition in Mount Pleasant going strong."�
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When I read "Chef Geoff's," I was about as excited as I'd be if it was going to be a Melting Pot.

Paisley Fig with Lizzy Evelyn?

Yes, *that* is a reason to get genuinely excited, and if you aren't familiar with her work, I can tell you right now that I'm going to initiate coverage in Italic, without even going. She's that good.

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Any word on whether or not Paisley Fig is still going to open in the old Heller's Bakery in Mount Pleasant? For now, I've decided to place them in Columbia Heights, inside of Room 11, so people at least know they're open.

"Elizabeth Evelyn: Founder and CEO of Paisley Fig" by Genna Byrd on startdc.co

From the article: "As a good Mount Pleasant resident, I asked Evelyn for an update on plans for her upcoming bakery in the neighborhood. She says she's not able to share all of the details yet, as her husband, Nick Pimentel, just opened Bad Saint and they've not had much time to focus on the (other) new endeavor. Evelyn explained it will be similar in concept to what they have at Room 11. Stay tuned!"

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