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Burger Delite - Dive Burger Shack on Edsall Road in West Alexandria Open since 1962 - Closed

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Anyone who has stumbled across Burger Delite on Edsall Road probably won't ever forget it. It is a blast straight out of 1962, which is the year it opened. Unfortunately, it closed in Apr, 2015 after 53 years in business (incidentally, it absolutely qualities for inclusion on the Oldest Restaurants in the Washington, DC Area thread).

"Burger Delite Closes in Alexandria's West End" on redbricktown.com

Interestingly, I found a couple of Burger Delite photos that are remarkably similar (not exactly the same) as the Edsall Road location - there's one in Hyattsville, and one in Beltsville. I'm typing this from inside of Walter Reed (as a visitor, not a patient), so I don't have full access to everything, but both photos look like they might belong (or might have belonged) to the same restaurant group - I don't know if they're still open or not, but I don't believe I've ever seen them before.

I only have a Diet Coke from a vending machine, but I'm raising it out of respect to Burger Delite, as a nod to 53 years of serving the community. (Thanks, LC)


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New owners have it listed at 18k/mo. 2/3 of the space is a storage building. On a sq/ft basis that's upper tier retail rent for DC...

If this is true, I suspect it might be listed at $18,000 a month for quite a long time. Rents are not one of my strongest areas of knowledge, but that seems almost crazy to me.

It's actually very visible at the intersection ... *if* you're there, but how many of you have ever actually been to the intersection of S. Pickett St. and Edsall Rd. Could you even find it without a map? This is a 50+ year-old building in a dumpy parking lot - it would make for a very good 7-11, but other than a tire store, what the heck else is going to go in there? A gas station with a convenience store? A dry cleaners?

$216 *thousand* dollars a year to rent this place? The new owners paid $1,050,000 for it. Given that real-estate taxes are $10,000 a year or so, if they can rent it for $18,000 a month, they'll make back their entire principle in five years.

I don't think that's how this is supposed to work.

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