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Chinese Provinces and Regions, Their Culinary Characteristics, and Some Classic Sample Dishes From Each Province and Region


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Go to Miu Kee.  I had their chicken and it was good.  Miu Kee is the gold standard around here for Cantonese cooking. 

Eric, or someone else, could you give us non-Chinese or non-Taiwanese a primer as to what "represents" cooking styles of various Chinese regions? By "representing" I mean a list of characteristics, followed by a sample list of dishes considered "classic" to each region. There's no need to go into more obscure provinces, although that would be nice too. Also, pointing out overlaps between neighboring reasons would be very useful as well. This can be a multi-person project (we have a good number of Chinese members here), you all should be able to team up and help each other out. If you could all disclose which province you or your parents were from, that would lend some depth as well.

Thank you in advance - I think this would be fascinating. It could be in the form of a simple numbering system with each number having the province or region name, a brief description of where it is, its primary city or cities, and then some bullet points for both "culinary characteristics" and "sample dishes."

Also, perhaps there are books out that do this very thing. Any recommendations may be useful to people as well.



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Wikipedia is often far from authoritative, but this Chinese Regional Cuisine page looks like a pretty good starting point, and links to several pages that discuss certain provincial cuisines in much greater detail.

FWIW, the Cantonese one seemed fairly accurate to me -- both of my parents were originally from that region before ending up in Taiwan.

There are many articles in Wikipedia that address this topic, and tend to cross-link each other.  This one, which covers cuisine in all of Asia, has a pretty comprehensive list of Chinese regional cuisines in the "East Asia" subsection.  Links are provided to all of them.

As an aside, in my opinion the snarky comments many folks make about whether Wikipedia is "authoritative" belong at best in a past era.  These days most articles are well curated and ample references to previous works are provided, and form the basis of the Wikipedia article.  I think what is found there is usually about as good as one is likely to find in generally accessible references on most topics.  Just my humble opinion.

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