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Lucy's ARL, Shirlington Pool Hall Acting as a Bridge Between Champion Billiards and Chester's Billiards - Closed

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It's a bit sad to me, but Champion Billiards, where I've shot many a game of nine-ball over the years (with my custom cue wrapped in Irish linen)  B) closed awhile back, and has reopened as "Lucy's ARL" under new proprietors - they have a slightly more ambitious menu, and a pretty funny website.

I hope they do well here - Champion was a pool-shooter's pool hall in many ways, and I look forward to trying them out.



I hate not to have any thread for Lucy's, who kept the building alive between the much-missed Champion's, and the upcoming Chester's:

"Changes Coming to Champion Billiards" by arlnow.com

"Next New Pool Hall to Open in Former Lucy's Location near Shirlington" by arlnow.com


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