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Chicken Rico, a Maryland Pollo a la Brasa Chain at Inner Harbor and on Eastern Avenue and S. Eaton Street

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The bad news is that the Cipriano Square (Greenbelt) location of Chicken Rico closed; the good news is that (assuming this is the same company), the brand seems to be doing just fine (website). It has a long and tortured history, and is in several locations, both in the DC and Baltimore regions. (Thanks, KL)

I realize I'm the only person in the world who does this type of work, but one of the hardest things to do in this "industry" is keep track of Pollo a la Brasa chains. It wouldn't surprise me at all if this wasn't the same ownership as the location in Greenbelt, but for now, I'll assume it is.

So we went to the one in Baltimore for lunch before a trip to Port Discovery.  We also got the whole chicken family meal.  Sides of black beans and fried rice.  The chicken is definitely smaller than Crisp and Juicy (Arlington).  When we get the whole chicken there, usually about a third of the chicken is left.  At Chicken Rico, we went through the whole thing.  The chicken, while flavorful, I found to be a bit too much on the salty side for me.  The fried rice was much better when mixed with the black beans.  It was good for what we needed at the time.... something kid-friendly and quick in the right location for us.  I was a bit intrigued by a couple of the stirfry things on the menu.  If we go to Port Discovery again, we'd certainly consider going back, but it's not a place we're ever going to crave, particulary when we live just a couple miles from Crisp and Juicy.

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