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The Gourmet Basket, Lebanese and Middle Eastern store in McLean, VA

Dr. Delicious

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Tucked away in a corner of "downtown" McLean, is this small grocery that sells "homemade" Lebanese and Middle Eastern food (http://the-gourmet-basket.com/home.html). I got a half dozen Meat Kibbi, 2 Spicy Meat Pies, 2 Cheese Meat Pies, and some walnut baklava. I thought the Kibbi was excellent, and the Pies very good. While I'm no Kibbi expert (and am using their spelling), I think they're worth going out of your way to give them a try (especially if you heat them up). The spicy meat pie wasn't very spicy, which is ok with me, but it did have a good combination of spices/flavors. (Is it me, or do non-spicy versions always end up being bland, and so you just have to hope that the spicy version isn't too spicy?) The cheese pie was also good, and the cheese tasted somewhat sweet to me and was like a mini pizza with no sauce. Unfortunately we found the baklava to be dry and bland, tho I'd happily give their pistachio version a chance (they were out of it).

There's also fridge's and freezers containing hummus, cheese, and other various salads and the like.

Service isn't the best. On my first trip there (admittedly awhile ago), I was derided (by the owner, i believe) for asking about dipping sauces (something about "Americans with their sauces!"), and on this trip I asked for heating recs and was told (by a paid employee) to microwave (!) everything for 4 minutes (!!). Oh well.

Still, that Kibbi...

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