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Neptune's Seafood Pub, Good Seafood in Calvert County's North Beach

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Neptune's is just over the line from Chesapeake Beach into North Beach.  My lunch there yesterday was much better than my previous one in the area.

I am tempted to classify it as a dive, at least on the bar side, but, based on one visit, I will go instead with "local color" as a descriptor.  Signs at the entrance to the dining room, which I did not visit, ban both biker colors and lobbyists.

My order brought a delicately flavored shrimp salad sandwich on a Kaiser roll, with a beefy slice of tomato and a crisp leaf of lettuce.  The salad included dill and a tiny dice of cucumber in a not too mayonnaise-y dressing with a hint of lemon.  I made a bit of a mess eating it and polished off every last morsel.  It came with maybe a dozen waffle fries, which were quite crisp and impossible to stop eating.  I'm glad there weren't more.  My friend who got the crab cakes said they were probably the best crab cakes she's ever had.  That came with two sides. (She got escabeche  and slaw.)  I was too full even to eat a bite of those or the mussels that another friend ordered.  They are apparently quite well-known for their mussels, which can be ordered with a variety of sauces.  The crab cakes appeared very soft and crabby.

The same friend who ordered the crab cakes also ordered steamed shrimp, which I declined to try because I had shrimp salad coming, but they were also devoured.

If I were looking for a place to eat in the area again, I wouldn't hesitate to come back.

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