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Separation of Church and State - How Far Should the U.S. Government Go?


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I do, however, take strong exception to people using religion to shape public policy - for example, teaching creationism to the exclusion of evolution in public schools.

porcupine had nothing to do with this thread, but her sentence got me thinking: Given that "God" and references to God are used so extensively in everyday things, how much effort should be made at this point to remove them?


"In God we Trust" is written on our nation's coins and currency, and is the official motto of the United States.

"One nation, under God ...." is in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The National Christmas Tree is now accompanied by a National Menorah and a National Crescent and Star.

"So help me God" is often used in government oaths.

According to this website, there are 68 references to God in the United States Code.


At what point do you just say, "Screw it," treat it as tradition, and leave it alone? (I would also ask how this stance is much different than leaving the Confederate Flag alone.) One thing's for sure: Fighting, fighting, fighting to get these things removed makes me tired just thinking about it.

I would suggest that before commenting, people familiarize themselves with this webpage (or something similar) so their comments are rooted in a degree of knowledge:

"Separation of Church and State in the United States" on wikipedia.com

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