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Comida Fans in Bars Getting Kaki

Pool Boy

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Having a dinner in the not too distant future with fellow winos. Want to bring wine and pay corkage. Seafood is the idea, so someplace with good seafood. Ideally someplace reasonably metro-friendly as well.

Thanks in advance for suggestions!

DC Coast (thinking Metro-friendly) - haven't been since Brendan Cox was there, though. Kellari Taverna maybe?

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It's almost always a good idea to dine at Marcel's. It should be noted though that corkage is available only Sunday through Thursday, according to their website.

It's interesting you say that: I've never once regretted dining at Marcel's. How upscale (read: dressy) are you willing to go? Corduroy is more upscale than most people give it credit for, but you can sneak up to the bar area without a coat or tie - that's another option.

Just watch the scallops. :unsure:

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