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Caboose Brewing Company, Chef Brandon McDermitt's and Brewmaster Chris Mallon's Brewpub at 520 Mill Street in Vienna - Expanding to Merrifield

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This little brewing restaurant is in Vienna VA next to the WO&D Trail. Great to get to by bike but if you are in your car you will find it in an industrial area at 520 Mill Street. Didn't get a look at the inside as I had my dog...but the outside has a patio and a grassy area where kids , dogs, and frisbees are welcome. I had a flight of beers, and while not a beer connoisseur, I like the wheat and the stout. The list is immense along with some wine and homemade sodas, so there is bound to be some libation to your liking. I am not writing this post about the drinks....it is about 2 shrimp which were served to me atop some Anson Mill Grits. I have hated shrimp for the past few years as I find them tasteless. This place was the exception, I don't know if it was a one day fluke but the shrimp I had there reminded me of the shrimp I had in Basque country at Etxebarri. They were exceptional. We also had the Duck Liver mousse and Roasted Pimento Cheese. They were both worth ordering again. A charcuterie plate with homemade crackers rounded off our meal (well rounded off may be an exaggeration)....but it was all good and the prices were not bad at all. I would go back for the shrimp alone. 

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On 11/2/2016 at 7:35 PM, Destruya said:

So Caboose might be setting up new digs soon: 

"Vienna's Caboose Brewing Co. Gets 'OK' from County Supervisors for New Brewery, Beer Garden" by Mary Ann Barton on patch.com

The article strongly implies that it will be open in both Vienna and Merrifield, which is a good thing with a Brewpub:

"The brewery’s plans also make improvements to the existing site, including a landscaped, urban green area with benches, public art, bike racks and space for a future bikeshare station."

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Their food is good to very good.  I wish I could say the same about their beer.  And, yes, the Merrifield project does not mean that they are shutting down in Vienna.  Being right at the W&OD bike trail has been good to them, and possibly a reason why they apparently have not seen a need to improve on their brewing.

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