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Dining in Long Beach

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I'm going to be at the convention center this coming week. I understand that the whole waterfront area has been redeveloped in the past years, and that it's a pretty hopping scene. Which, I guess, probably means 20 chain restaurants with hour-long waits for mediocre food.

Anyone know anything differently? I will be carless, so it has to either be walkable from the convention center area, or a short cab ride away.

Company pays, but this is not an unlimited expense account; no more than $50-$75/person after tax/tip.


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Unfortunately Long Beach is not exactly a culinary nirvana. Nor is it a place such as, say, Venice Beach which might have a whole host of interesting chef owned joints/places/restaurants. Parker's Lighthouse and the Yard House are representative of a host of outposts on the water which are atmospheric but really lack for a more than decent meal. I think one of the more interesting places in Long Beach is Bono's [Closed 2010] which is the restaurant owned by Sonny Bono's daughter (she has a second, more upscale place [Closed Aug, 2014] which is good, too). I've spent over twenty years going there annually on business and, more often than not, drive down to Newport or elsewhere for dinner. Still, it's really atmospheric (Annapolitan or Inner Harborish if you will) to have dinner at one of the chains on the harborfront one night. Go to Bono's the other.

And, don't forget In 'n Out Burger for a Double Double Animal Style.

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