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On 9/9/2015 at 0:41 AM, RWBooneJr. said:

This is a good primer.  And, yes, "centuries of oppression and discrimination" is one of the causes, but not the only one.  Sometimes its as subtle as an interviewer being better able to relate to guy or girl from his or her neighborhood, college, fraternity, etc.  In the aggregate, it means that it's harder for a minority to get the position.  The idea is that you take affirmative steps to combat those forces.  Sometimes it's quotas, but these are clumsy and have lost favor.  It could be as simple as holding a minority college fair or giving greater representation to minorities in the hiring process.

This reminds me of the tragedy of Lyndon Johnson, who without Vietnam would be unquestionably one of our greatest presidents, in the same class with Lincoln and FDR. It just makes me weep when I think of it. Of course I hated him at the time, but that was all about Vietnam, which overshadowed everything. You younger people probably can't even imagine how Vietnam distorted and disfigured everything about our civic life as it crept into the crannies of our souls. You couldn't even fuck without Vietnam obtruding into the crevices of your pleasures.

I look back on LBJ's presidency now and can only see what midgets his successors have been compared to him.

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