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Wheelchair Tennis - Men's, Women's, and Quad Divisions, Played at All Four Major Tournaments


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International Tennis Federation Wheelchair Tennis Home Page on itf.com


If you're like me, you know Wheelchair Tennis exists, but you've never taken the time to look into it, or know much about it at all. I finally decided to take some time and look into this sport, its sanctioning bodies (the International Paralympic Committee and the International Tennis Federation), the qualifications for entry, rules of play, etc.

I went so far as to complain to myself that people having a lifetime of disability would have an unfair advantage over someone like me, if I got into an accident later in life, because they've been playing so much longer. Then, I realized the absurdity of what I was thinking (sorry, that was the natural competitor in me). I've had a lifetime of normal activity; *so what* if they have an advantage because they've been disabled longer! I mentally kicked myself for letting myself go there.

Anyone interested in looking at this should begin at the ITF's (International Tennis Federation's) Wheelchair Page. This page will quickly direct you to the ITF Wheelchair Tennis Classification Manual. In fact, it's so comprehensive that it's almost pointless for me to type much more.

There are actually two different divisions of Wheelchair Tennis being played right now at the U.S. Open: "Normal" Wheelchair Tennis, and a Quad Division - the Quad Division is reserved for athletes disabled to an even more severe level, and can give them the right to use power wheelchairs, tape the rackets to their hands, etc.

If anyone reading this has ever considered participating in wheelchair tennis, start with these as your references, and write me if you need any further help.

Wheelchair or not, I cannot imagine the thrill of coming home holding a Wimbledon Championship trophy. That is awesome.

Kuneida Shingo is one of the all-time great players:

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