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Jason Wingreen (1920-2015), Television Actor with Many Credits to his Name


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Jason Wingreen is a man you could go an entire lifetime missing, just because he never got a big break, but I've discovered he's been in at least five things I've watched in the past couple of years:

1976-1979 - He's Archie Bunker's business partner Harry Snowden in 26 "All In The Family" episodes: post-2-0-09697400-1442811880_thumb.png

And was in three "Twilight Zone" episodes:

May 6, 1960 (Season 1, Episode 30) - The modern-day porter in "A Stop at Willoughby"post-2-0-99853500-1442811999_thumb.png

Nov 17, 1961 (Season 3, Episode 10) - Mr. Shuster, who leaves town in "The Midnight Sun"post-2-0-16740200-1442812055_thumb.png

May 23, 1963 (Season 4, Episode 18) - In a fairly big role, the Director, trying to reign in Burt Reynolds, in "The Bard"post-2-0-73399900-1442812112_thumb.png

Dec 6, 1968 (Season 3, Episode 12) - In a bit part, the ill-fated Dr. Linke (dressed in orange) in the Star Trek episode "The Empath"post-2-0-32301500-1442838597_thumb.png

Who knows how much else he's been in, or whether or not I'll notice him? But I'm glad I can recognize him with his own thread.

Wingreen has lived a long life, and has had a fruitful career: Screenshot 2017-09-14 at 11.49.56.png

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