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SpinFire Pizza - Quick-Serve Spun Off from Paisano's Pizza - Ashburn

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Pizza has always been a source of contention in our household.  I don't love pizza but can tolerate a good pie with fresh ingredients.  My wife does love pizza and is perfectly happy with a Dominoes thin crust that leave me feeling both hungry and like I swallowed a bowling ball at the same time.  But finding good pizza with fresh ingredients that has convenient takeout (that is highly subjective based on where you live and what you consider convenient) has always been a challenge.

Pair this disagreement with the fact that my wife is pregnant (which means she wins almost any disagreement) - we end up doing takeout 5-6 nights a week instead of dining out, and our decent takeout options in Ashburn are limited means I've been branching out some lately - cue SpinFire.

I've tried Custom Fuel a few times and was never a fan.  It really seemed like a pizza that only took 2 minutes to make - lower quality ingredients and a bit undercooked and soupy for my tastes.  So I walked into SpitFire with a mixture of trepidation and desperation, but the Post ranked it above average in their recent fast casual pizza article, so I figured why not.

I was pleasantly surprised.  Ingredient choices are solid and seem quite fresh, the crust was nicely chewy and had some flavor, and most importantly - it was fully cooked.  They even tend to hold them up high in the oven at the end of cooking to get a nice browning on the cheese.  The 'spicy' red sauce could use more than its current non-existent kick, but other than that, its a solid option for a 90-second pizza and has moved into the regular rotation.

One word of caution - any time I've been to the Ashburn location its been very quiet (typically later in the evenings) - I'm not sure how the process would hold up during a busy lunch rush at the Rosslyn outpost.

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(this is where Don will move this to the Spinfire thread)

Actually, I want to say "Thank you" because I didn't even remember we had a Spinfire thread, and I would have created a redundant one.

I hate being so predictable - it's probably annoying, but at least I'm *consistently* annoying. :)

So, is Spinfire a Triumph?

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