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Happy 100,000th Reply in the Washington, DC Restaurants and Dining Forum!

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Sometime this evening, we had our 100,000th reply in this forum - I checked, and it might have been me who did it, so I merged a couple of posts so it wouldn't be. It's not the 100,000th post (that happened awhile back; it's the 100,000th reply).

So it's completely ambiguous as to whether it's Tweaked, weezy, Pool Boy, or B.A.R. - it's one of the four, depending on how you count.

And that's just the way I want it: ambiguous, because it's really *all of you*. Thank you all so much for making this such a wonderful community. It's you who did this, and without you, we're just another forum - and because of you, we're a wonderful, nurturing place to be.

Especially when we debate gun control. :blink:

Newcomers, always remember that you're among friends here. Just look at our Help Needed forum - all the replies, and views. That's what means the most to me - our knowledgeable members jumping in to help others at a moment's notice, and it doesn't matter if you're brand new, or have been a member here for ten years - it doesn't matter if you're an expert or a novice. There isn't enough love and compassion in this world, but our members do everything they can to change that, leaving the world a better place in the wake of their actions.

Thank you, everyone!

And I really did mean what I said about coming to help you, as your broken-down car is being scraped from the side of the beltway, should you ever need help. I mean it.

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