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Yesterday morning, I found out a friend passed away (see here). I went onto legacy.com, and posted a note of condolence for his family. 

Today, I went back to that website, only to find this:

Screenshot 2015-10-04 at 21.26.51.png

And then this when I clicked on "Restore the Guest Book":

Screenshot 2015-10-04 at 21.27.24.png

Did I do something to trigger an expiration of the guestbook yesterday? Are you really making someone pay $29.99 or $79.99 to restore the guestbook?

Afterwards, I went to my mom's obituary, and found this:

Screenshot 2015-10-04 at 21.29.23.png

So, her guestbook has also expired, and someone is going to have to pay to have it restored.

Profiting from the deceased. This is, perhaps, a job best left for funeral homes; it certainly isn't necessary in this day and age of the internet. It is with this spirit in mind that I am offering anyone, and everyone, with a deceased friend or relative to create a PERMANENT, FREE, POST about their loved one in this forum. Yes, you have to join the website, but it's free, quick (a two-step process that takes minutes), and private. And I promise you that I will NEVER charge you any money to keep your notes of condolence online.

Search "Bill Moldoch" on the internet to see whether or not your family and friends will find your post about your deceased relative or loved one (they will), or just click this:

Screenshot 2015-10-04 at 21.33.24.png

Bill's tribute is in the "Sports" forum because he was a legitimate tournament tennis player, but all lives are equal, and they will be just as easily found here. (I will make all the titles similar, so they're found by people searching the internet, but any tributes (i.e., posts) you write will be unedited).

If and when you join, please write "Guest book" as a response to the question "How did you find out about donrockwell.com?" Pat is our membership director, and I want to make her life as easy as possible. Please send me a PM (Private Message) when you join (click that little thing that looks like an open envelope on the upper-right of the screen) and introduce yourself to me by addressing your message to "DonRocks." I'm going to also need some proof of the passing, so if you don't mind, please send it along (a link to a newspaper article or an image of the death certificate is more than fine). Please understand that we MUST have at least some proof that this is a real situation due to the gravity of its nature - we're offering you a gift, and all we ask is that you respect it as such. Please make sure to say "thank you" to Pat when you join - she's volunteering her time and deserves appropriate gratitude and respect.

I have run this website for over ten years, and not once did I ever think I would be running an obituaries section. Until now.

My condolences in advance for the loss of your loved one - they will be forever honored here, at no charge to you. 


Attention Members: If you do not wish this forum to come up when you click on "View New Content," simply do the following:

1) Click on "View New Content"
2) On the left side of the page, under the heading "Other," you'll see an entry that's called "Filter By Forum" - click it.
3) Make sure that "Permanent Guest Book" is unchecked.
4) While you're here, you should take this opportunity to review all the forums and subforums you have checked and unchecked. Doing this will ensure that you'll get *only* the forums you have checked when you click on "View New Content" - it's quite a powerful and useful feature.

Many of you probably haven't done this in a long time, if ever, and several new forums have been added (and removed) in the past few years - go ahead and take the two minutes it requires to customize this website to your liking. There's no sense in you seeing what you don't want to see when you use the "View New Content" feature. Also, file this away in your mind for future reference - you can also always write me if you forget how to do this.


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