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Pinaceae - The Family of Trees that Includes Pines, Spruces, Firs, Cedars, Larches, and Hemlocks


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The word "Pinaceae" is probably best-pronounced (in America) "pie NAY see ay" (ay rhyming with say). It's the family of trees that falls within the taxomonic hierarchy that appears on the right side of that link.

I admit Frank Cook IV (*) appears to be a bit "out there" - like someone who might spend his spare time climbing rocks in Yosemite National Park - but he has a lot to say, and I like him. Pay attention:

(*) Cook passed in 2009 from the parasitic disease neurocysticercosis, which caused cystic lesions in his brain. Could his death have been prevented? I don't know, but this malady is primarily a disease of the poor and the homeless, and is reportedly preventable. I don't know what, exactly, happened, but surely people are sometimes willing to die in order to live for what they believe in. Sometimes, tragically and needlessly - his death makes me sad, and I hope that we can all learn from what happened.

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