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Claudia's (Formerly Claudia's Steakhouse) - Chef-Owner Claudia Rivas Takes Over for Brad Race at 15th and K Street

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"There's a Chef Change at Claudia's Steakhouse, and Claudia Herself is Taking Over" by Becky Krystal on washingtonpost.com

This article doesn't mention that "Claudia's Steakhouse" is now called "Claudia's."

Rumors are only worth the paper they're written on, but I heard a rumor - a credible rumor - that Claudia's is becoming an upscale sports bar. I emphasize that this is an unsubstantiated rumor, but the source is credible enough where it may well be true.

If you look at the menu, you can already see it's not really a steakhouse at this point:


And then there's this:


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