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Which U.S. State Shares the Most Borders with Other U.S. States?


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I just asked myself this question, and came up with a very logical, reasonable way to find the answer (don't worry, I'm not giving it away):

"Landlocked and long," were my two alliterative criteria. I was just in Louisville, coming down from the southern tip of Indiana, and thought to myself, "Sure, why not Kentucky?"

And I also knew that states east of the Mississippi River tend to be smaller (which can be both a blessing and a curse for having the most bordering states).

It was really good reasoning, and it was wrong.

If you'd like a hint before seeing the answer, mouse over the following line, holding your cursor down:

There's a two-state tie, and both states border Kentucky. <--- This is the line with the hint.

If you want the answer, just mouse over the next line, holding your cursor down (and you can click on it for more information):

Tennessee and Missouri, both tied with 8. <--- This is the line with the answer.

So you can see my general thought process was pretty solid, but ... as so often happens ... close, but no cigar. :)

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