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How to Read Posts - A Primer for Complete Novices

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This is for absolute novices, and I'll write it in the simplest possible terms for computer-phobes (it's okay - we all were at one time!). I'll also build this primer slowly, so I don't have to think of everything at the same time.

Terminology (From Biggest-to-Smallest)

"Website" or "Community "- Each and every thing you see on www.donrockwell.com is part of the Website. The word "Community" refers to our members; not the actual software. So, both terms are talking about the whole thing, but "Website" is more computer-oriented, and "Community" is more people-oriented.

"Category" -  Each "box" on the home page (with a blue strip on top) is a category. "Hamtrak," for example, or "Marketplace" - it's just a convenient way of dividing things up to make it easier to read (You don't need to know this, because the term is never used.)

"Forum" - There are several Forums in each Category. "Washington DC Restaurants and Dining," for example, is a Forum.

               "Subforum" - A "Forum within a Forum." For example, "Help Needed" or "Coffee Shops and Roasters." This is the smallest thing that you can see from the home page.

"Thread" - A topic within a Forum. If you click on a Forum, you'll see up to 50 Threads per page. Each restaurant, for example, has its own Thread - it's a synonym to "Topic."

"Post" - One individual's comment within a Thread. When you write something here, you're writing a Post. If you click on a Thread, you'll see up to 50 Posts per page.

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