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Kansas City Royals (1969-), American League, Central Division - 2015 World Series Champions Over the New York Mets, 4-1


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"Royals Rally Past Mets for First World Series Title since 1985" (*) by Billy Witz on nytimes.com

"Kansas City Royals Rally - Again - To Win World Series" by Doug Criss on cnn.com

"Relentless Royals Win World Series after Mets Throw it all Away in Ninth" by Bill Shaikin on latimes.com

"Boswell: Fittingly, Royals Rally for Clinching World Series Win in Game 5" by Thomas Boswell on washingtonpost.com


(*) And for those who don't remember the Don Denkinger incident (which I almost hate to bring up, because he had a long and honorable career): 1985 World Series on wikipedia.com

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