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Azami Sushi Cafe, All-Female Sushi Bar Until Ownership Change in Jul, 2008 - Melrose Boulevard in West Hollywood - Closed

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The last place I ate in LA was Azami Sushi cafe [Closed in Jul, 2009] on Melrose.

This place is one of my favorite sushi places around- their fish selection is outstanding. It's also unique in that the sushi chefs are women [Ownership change in Jul, 2008 ended this].

I really enjoyed their creamy blue crab hand roll as well as an anchovy tempura with curry salt. Of course, the sushi was spectacular.

This place was my intro to sushi. I used to live a few blocks away from there and hit it up about once a week. It comes off as sort of non-descript from the outside and even a little on the inside (they could have remodeled, I haven't been since '02); however the sushi still remains some of the best I've ever had.

I remember eating something that they called "deep sea fish liver" and to this day I can't remember what kind of fish it came from.

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