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Mike's Italian, Luigi and Anna Maria Tonizzo's Red-Sauce Italian at 8368 Richmond Highway in Mount Vernon, Open Since 1927 - Closed Jul 30, 2011

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Back in the day, I used to frequent Mike's [Closed Jun 30, 2011] for reasonable Italian fare and good drinks. It was a throwback, with lots of veal dishes and heavily=poured drinks, sort of like Marco Polo in Vienna or Pine's of Italy in Arlington. Mike's closed in 2011, I believe....

We used to go to Mike's ages ago when I first started working at Fort Belvoir. It was a regular spot for promotion/retirement luncheons.

It's hard to believe I'm beginning a thread for a restaurant that closed over four years ago, but Mike's in Mount Vernon was opened when this website was founded (Apr 15, 2005), so it gets a spot on the "Oldest Restaurants in the Washington, DC Area" thread as it opened in 1927.

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