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Marble & Rye, Chef Paul Murad Comes from Boulevard Woodgrill and Replaces Kate Bennett, GM Kent Lawson, in the Former RedRocks Pizzeria Space, Penrose Square in South Arlington - Closed

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On 11/2/2015 at 7:19 PM, cheezepowder said:

Marble and Rye is opening tonight where Red Rocks was in Penrose Square, Columbia Pike, Arlington.  From the ArlNow article linked above:  "While still majority owned by the owners of RedRocks, it will be run under the leadership of [Chef Kate] Bennett and a new management team."

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We went and were pleased with what we had.  All food and drink is from 100 mile radius and new management.  The soft opening menu above is the one we had.

100% Virginia wine.  We had 2 or 3 of them and were impressed at the quality and price point.  It's not RDV or Linden but the reds were good.  I think they need to be more descriptive on the menus given the unique wineries they have chosen and the likelihood that NOVA people have not heard of them.  We drink a lot of VA wine and I hadn't heard of 3 of them, but they definitely held their own.  And, Lord, do they have a lot of whiskey to choose from!  (more on that in a Twisted Vines post)

The shortribs were amazing.  That small plate was big enough for a meal.  They also appear to be very cognizant of the hurdles they have to overcome re: the reputation of service issues from the Red Rocks incarnation of the space.  So that's good news.  I wish them all well.

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My bride and II dined last night at Marble and Rye, and we were both very pleased with our meal. We shared the Mediterranean salad (I think from the specials menu), which featured browned goat cheese rounds, prosciutto and dates, followed by a flat iron steak and a grilled chicken sandwich. The steak was nicely cooked and had a tasty char that played nicely with the richness of the meat. We've been here a few times since the Boulevard Woodgrill team came on board, and it's always reassuring to see Kent Lawson behind the bar, with Paul Murad in the kitchen.  We will certainly be back!

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