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Al the Pal

Arielle Shoshana Scented Luxuries - Customer-Oriented Fragrance Boutique in Mosaic District

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Arielle Shoshana Scented Luxuries is a fragrance shop located in the Mosaic District at 2920 District Avenue along the street where stores have recently appeared to the left of the movie theater. The shop offers harder to find colognes, perfumes, bath products and candles. The scents are arranged by type of fragrance such as clean, floral, beachy, spicy etc. I found the layout really useful. The staff was extremely helpful - both friendly and knowledgeable, and not at all pushy. They showed me lots of samples without spraying it on me first (which I hate!) There were a few things that interested me. I found when I got home they gave me samples of the fragrances I was considering, but didn't buy. This shop is a great addition to the Mosaic District.

Alice Lieberman

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