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Street Kitchen, Fast-Casual Indian with Dosas by American Tandoor in Tysons Corner Center

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Stopped by Street Kitchen, a new fast-casual concept for lunch at Tysons Corner Center (located near Panera and Panda Express on 2nd level). At first glace, this place looked like your typical short-order deli/sandwich  but upon looking at the menu, I could see how flavor packed these dosas/naan wraps would be. 


I ordered the masala steak frankie, which was the most intense steak wrap that i have ever tasted. The naan bread was freshly fried, piping hot and crispy, and the meat was similarly packed with intensely marinated flavor that I cannot really describe (my vocabulary in describing indian cuisine is sadly lacking). Nothing here seems to be blandly flavored, and the wraps come with a side of chutney as well, in case you need additional flavor bombs.


There was about a 5-10min wait for our food, but only because our food was cooked to order, so I do not mind. With that said, I can imagine the wait being longer if there were a line. If you want to try an exciting indian fast-casual concept that doesn't seem like glorified buffet fare, I highly recommend dropping by here. 



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I grabbed a Chicken Tikka "Frankie" here yesterday for lunch and it was delicious. Like LF said, made to order, on fresh naan.  The chicken had a good amount of kick to it as well. This will be a new go-to spot for me lunch.

Also, my receipt said American Tandoor, so it appears to be the to go/quick order sibling to the restaurant next door.

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