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Basillini Italian Cafe - The Kamel's Simple, Family-Run Italian at 235 Maple Avenue E. in Vienna - Closed

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So it's taken slightly shorter than forever for this place to open (in the former Jerry's Subs & Pizza spot near Jammin' Java), but I noticed tonight they've finally gotten around to it.  Just from the looks of it, it appears to be a very simple, no-frills family-style Italian place.  It's (at least visibly) not trying to be or compete with Pazzo Pomodoro (or Bonaroti, for that matter), and the prices definitely reflect it in their menu, which wasn't very easy to find since Google hasn't gotten a chance to cache this place's website yet...thankfully, though...I found it: here's the menu.


I really hope this place lives up to the six potential friends & family 'five star reviews' it has on its Facebook page, because I've wanted a nice place to pick up some decent Italian food locally for dine-in and take-out without having to pay an arm and a leg for it (Joe's, I'm looking at you).  The reason I question the Facebook reviews is that two of them mention pizza, and I fail to see where that is on their 'full menu,' and two of them might have been posted before the restaurant had even opened.


I guess I want this place to be the equivalent of those "Pomodoro" local chain restaurants in the area that serve decent but not hideously-overpriced Italian fare.  I'll post a proper review sometime this week.

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Seems they added the Pizza section to their online menu.

EDIT: Finally tried this place tonight since I was just NOT in the mood to cook tonight.  Decided to go with their lasagna because, well, it's one of those staple dishes that should be the benchmark of any Italian place if you're looking for savory and richness of flavor.  Thankfully, it was decent, even after about a 10-15 minute drive home in an insulated bag.  This place isn't fine dining, but it's decent food at a decent price made by good people.  The decor is pretty spartan, but it's fine for what it needs to be.

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2 hours ago, Destruya said:

I don't think they're closed, the family running it seems to be pivoting to their native cuisine.  The new name is Persian.  But yeah, for all intents and purposes Basillini is gone.

They're definitely closed - the Kamels sold the restaurant earlier this month.

Screenshot 2016-09-02 at 10.14.15.png

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