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Tollhouse Cookies (1936-), Invented and Originally Served at The Tollhouse Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts


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I've had two different chocolate-chip cookies within the past week:

Upon check-in, Hilton Hotels give guests warm Chocolate Chip Cookies. I don't know if these are Tollhouse or not, but boy there sure are delicious and refueling after a long, tiring day of travel.

More importantly, a dear friend baked me a few traditional Tollhouse Cookies for my ride back. These were made using Nestle Semisweet Morsels as opposed to what she usually makes, with Ghiardelli Unsweetened Baking Chocolate, as I wasn't the only recipient.

Are there any opinions as to what, exactly, a "proper" Toll House Cookie is? And must it involve Nestle, or did they piggy-back onto an already popular trend?

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I believe the original cookies were made with Nestle's semisweet chocolate. That's the reason for the strong association. Cookies made with other chocolate are chocolate chip cookies rather than Toll House Cookies, per se. (They originated at the Toll House Inn.)

Quoth the Wiki:

Ruth contacted Nestlé and they struck a deal: The company would print her recipe on the cover of all their semi-sweet chocolate bars, and she would get a lifetime supply of chocolate. 

I like that deal. Mmm...lifetime supply of chocolate.

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