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Today's oddball question (and I did google a bit but couldn't find it):  Does anyone know the address on Melrose where Michel Richard's Citrus was in the 1990s?


6703 Melrose, on the north side, at the intersection of Melrose and Citrus Avenue. It opened in 1986, and closed on Mar 20, 2001, after Michel Richard made Washington, DC his permanent home. The space was taken over by Alex Scrimgeour who opened the eponymous Alex in early 2002 which closed on Aug 28, 2004. It became Meson G in 2005, then Red Pearl Kitchen in Sep, 2006 - both of those run by Tim and Liza Goodell - then Hatfield's by Karen and Quinn Hatfield in 2010 which closed in Dec, 2014. The 6,000-square-foot property was recently on the market.


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