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New Year's Eve 2015: Which Restaurants Will Be Offering Their Full Menu?


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The age old question perhaps - is there anywhere worthy that is offering their full menu, not doing a special tasting menu on NYE? Bonus points if they might still be able to accommodate a larger group. Extra bonus points if they're in MD or easily accessible from the Greenbelt end of the green line (Shaw, etc).

I had hoped this might be my chance to finally get to Dino's Grotto, but it appears the a la carte menu is only at the bar. :(

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One of my best NYE's ever was at Bistrot du Coin, which offered the whole menu, at  normal prices, was great for a large group, and which handed out hats and noisemakers just before midnight, when it turned into a massive dance party.  The food there is always pretty good (but not amazing), but the ambience, etc really made it great.

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