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Brightest Young Things DC Food Writers Round-Up and lhollers' Shout-Out to This Board

Lori Gardner

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Brightest Young Things published their 2015 round-up of best food in DC according to a number of local food writers.  Each of the participants were asked to name their favorite food blog, web sit or column.  Logan Hollers from BYT named this board as a favorite and had this to say:

  • Don Rockwell. One of my favorite parts of DC is the incredibly robust food community. People here love to eat, and they know their stuff. If you think DC isn't a player on the national scene, food-wise, check out some of the forums on DonRockwell.com. You'd be hard pressed to find a more passionate, knowledgeable base of foodies.

The post is a great and very comprehensive of the year's best (and not so great).  Read it here:

12/18/15 - "2015 DC Food Round-Up By The Pros" on brightestyoungthings.com

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Thanks for posting that, it was a good and enjoyable read.

Maketto seems to be the near universal new favorite with Milkbar being the near universal new disappointment.

A similar round up that I enjoyed came from Jessica Sidman at the City Paper. She goes into a little more detail here than in the BYT link above and is her usual, loveable, sassy self:


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The above two references are excellent.  Just got around to reading them...which is sort of the counterpoint to the two pieces.  Not only are they from strong media sources...but the early adopters read those sources and help to make trends.    But aside from the trendiness and social visibility it was simply nice to read perspectives from a wealth of writers on food/restaurant topics in the region.

...and some perspective on the visibility:  I was a reader of city paper 30 years ago.  its been around for a long long long time.  It may not stick with readers who outgrow it...but that isn't the point.  It gets new readers that fit its demographic.  And those readers are often early adopters and trend setters.  So...as it references different restaurants it gets a following...whether you agree or not with the reviews...its a site with impact.

And with BrightestYoungThings   and predecessor and similar entities.  They also get YUGE followings.  Yuge (in a Trumpian sort of way).   From a business perspective and sharing that with some others in business that could appeal to people in the same demographic...the bar school has tapped into these type media and social sources for about 15 years.  We know others who have done the same thing.  We still do it.  These entities have enormous reach.   So they are impactful pieces.

And back to substance...I enjoyed reading the summary reviews from a wealth of active diners/commentators.  There was similarity in their commentary and focus on a variety of places.  All interesting.  Thanks.

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