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Strip House, Local Steakhouse Chain in Two Union Square Locations and Midtown West

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Heading up to NYC this weekend to see some friends. I know we have reservations at the Strip House (more along the line of the Palm rather than Good Guys) on Friday night. Has anyone been there and could comment on the restaurant. I have read some favorable reviews about the food (interesting sides like goose fat potatoes) but have heard that the wait even with reservations can be long.


Robert's Steakhouse (crackers)

Dining in New York City (jparrott)

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Do you mean Robert's Steakhouse? If so, "strip house" is accurate.

Nope. Strip House is a normal steak place.

That said, folks, one of the best kept secrets in NYC is that Peter Luger has no wait at lunchtime. Go from there to Otto to taste grappa, and you're ready for the evening!

The Manhattan locations of Strip House were all purchased by BR Guest Hospitality in 2011.

The Strip House in Livingston, NJ's Westminster Hotel was not part of the 2011 purchase, and remains independently owned.

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