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JJ Watt (1989-), Houston Texans Defensive End and Wisconsin Native, Puts on a Hockey Show at La Bahn Arena, University of Wisconsin


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Ugh, J.J. Watt just limped off the field in the first quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs game, needing assistance from two people. He was either crying, or trying damned hard not to.


9:04 PM Update: It's a knee injury, and it does not look good - he's in the X-ray room now.

9:16 PM Update: There's an ambulance waiting outside the X-ray room. :(

10:35 PM Update - A Tibial Plateau fracture. I'm afraid that Watt's future has been compromised - there are six types, so hopefully I'm wrong, but this just doesn't look good to my eye test - I worry that he's going to be in chronic pain.


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