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Over-the-top Cocktail Garnishes


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Everyone needs one of these garnishes on their cocktails.

As the old saying goes...."better to look good than to feel good".  I got a kick out of the presentation context for the cocktail served at Tupelo Honey Cafe.

Barcelona in Reston offers a Bloody Mary buffet during Sunday brunch hours.  Your server brings you the Bloody Mary base in a glass and then escorts you to the bar where you can stuff it with a wide variety of toppings to your heart's content.  For sanitary reasons, the server inserts most of them for you.  They will also let you do this with a Virgin Mary --and I was astonished when the bill came and they provided a very hefty price reduction for the Virgin Mary vs the Bloody Mary.   Where I grew up, pitchers of Bloody Mary mix were a normal part of any social gathering, and we kids got it straight, while the adults got it with booze.  With that background, and my general dislike of vodka, an actual alcoholic version always tastes wrong to me.

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